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Information About Buses from Guadalajara to Chapala


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Because I was unable to find a rental in the Chapala area, I am currently 'commuting' from Guadalajara to San Antonio to visit my aunt in her nursing home. It takes 4 hours round trip and I still have to take Uber to get to the Old Bus Terminal from where I'm staying.

Does anyone know if the direct bus from Guadalajara to Chapala stops at Plaza del Sol or anywhere else in Guadalajara? Plaza del Sol  would be so much closer. I could walk there in less than an hour and save money.

Thanks SO MUCH for any advice you can give!



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From plaza del Sol, on Mariano Otero, you can take bus 626 to Niñoes Heroes, from where bus 604 will take you to the old bus station.  Lots of busses, little waiting time in between.

By the way, I will get back to you later, regarding your question in a pm.


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It has been a few years since I took the bus from Guadalajara to Jocotepec then on to Chapala. I would catch the bus on Lopez Mateos near the San Juan del Tajo RV Park. I was at Plaza del Sol one day and saw it stop there to pick up and drop off passengers. I would get off at the Jocotepec bus station and walk about 4 blocks to the other bus station and catch the bus to Chapala. The Guadalajara bus leaves the old bus station, Central Camionera near Walmart on Calzada Independencia, and drives over to Lopez Mateos and past Plaza del Sol. I can't remember the name of the bus line but it was a blue bus and still runs last time I was at the old bus station. If you have been to the old bus station it has 2 sides, on one side is the Chapala bus line and the other side is the Jocotepec bus line. Can't miss them as they are blue and lined up in the bays. They run about every half hour or 40 minutes, can't remember. Sometimes I would go to the old bus station and take the Chapala Directo. I would catch Ruta 61? by the RV park, get off at the Tren Ligero Periférico Sur station and take it to the Juárez station on Federalismo, switch to the eastbound Tren Ligero and take it to San Juan de Dios station at Libertad Mercado, go up to the street and catch any bus going south (now you take the Macrobus) and get off at Walmart which is a couple blocks from the old bus station.

If you want, email me privately and we can talk. I am in Tucson, still come to Chapala every winter, and if you have a Magic Jack I will give you a number to call me here. I have traveled all over Guadalajara on the buses, trolly and trains and at one time knew the routes pretty well. It's been a while since I have done this but the routes seldom change. Still take the bus from Chapala to Guadalajara at least twice a month. I always told people if you want to have fun, ride the buses around the city, better than an amusement park and cheaper.

Guadalajara bus routes on this website






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