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We are moving to Mexico this coming January and need to have a reliable fast broadband solution for video conference calls in addition to TelMex and/or TeleCable. Cost is not a factor.

I have seen the HUAWEI E5573s-508 recommended. Can anyone recommend a faster Mexico compatible hot spot than this one?

Please advise, thanks.

Sharon & Frank

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Best you define what you mean by ‘hot spot’. That is a term not usually associated with a normal broadband connection.... it means a ‘device’ that can be used to ‘tether’ other devices off of using wifi and would generally  be used outside of a home environment (where a wifi router would do the trick and not require another ‘hotspot’.

Also, as important (maybe more so!) as a modem/router is, the actual addresss/neighborhood where one lives is of prime importance. Some neighborhoods and even some houses in a neighborhood don’t have sufficient bandwidth for streaming much less video conferencing.  If cost is not a factor one might check into using cellphone service with a ‘real hotspot’ to solve the problem of poor wired Internet connections. This too would have to be tested at the site but there are some really good cellphone bandwidths available at Lakeside.



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Thanks for the feedback!

The HUAWEI E5573s-508 is a true Cellular Hotspot. I'm interested in a faster or upgraded alternative to it. I currently have a Google WiFi mesh router with two other nodes. It has 11 wireless devices connected to it. The most advanced WiFi router would be useless if the supplied up and download speeds were inadequate for video conference calls.

A special thanks dboisclair. Those up and download speeds will be adequate. I will order one from Amazon today. Our new home is in West Ajijic as well.

Greetings to all.

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That "mifi" (my wifi) unit is capable of 150 mbps down so the only limitations will be the actual data plan and their speed. At the moment, AT&T (at the Laguna Mall) has the best data plans and speed. My friends in Rancho Alegre just this side of Jocotepec bought that unit from Amazon and are very please with both the unit and the AT&T plan. They're also getting 25 mbps down... can't remember the up.



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My apologies for not understanding that the HUAWEI unit in question is a cellular unit and not the HUAWEI unit used Lakeside by TelMex as a DSL modem/router.  Location is still important but it looks like west Ajijic with AT&T is a go.

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