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NOB car purchase/temp tags, with Mexican DL


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For those who have purchased & tagged a car NOB successfully, with a Mexican Drivers Licence:

Has anyone been able to temporary tag that purchase?

I know that the 10 year sticker (RV) will be applied at the border (I am temporal).  I am only concerned about the Mexican Drivers License having qualified you with a notary NOB for temp tags.

(Permanent tags will be brought down by later)

Thank you!

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1 hour ago, MEXLC said:

Never wake up while tired and post!  Sorry my error... one of us is temporal.. will correct that... our error!

The temporary import permit for a car is never for 10 years.  For a motor home, yes.

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Based on my past experience with South Dakota, they DO require a copy of one’s driver’s license as part of the ‘package’ required for title/plates. I have no idea whether they will accept Mexican driver’s licenses but a quick call to Clay County will answer that question for you.  I’ve never asked them for temp plates as they (Clay County at least) provide plates and Registration in the mail within a week. Title, which comes out of the State, is taking 4-6 weeks to deliver these days.

Keep in mind that some are saying that in order to get a TIP, Mexico is requiring a Title and not just a Registration.... at least at some border locations. The TIP is available online; maybe a Registration is sufficient there. Since I’ve never acquired a 10-year RV TIP, I am not sure that this can be done online. 

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