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Buying Assorted Hand Tools


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I'm putting together a tool kit to give to our handyman for Christmas and I'm looking for recommendations on where to buy mid-range tools. I can buy Stanley at Walmart but does anyone have firsthand experience on where I'll get the best bang for my buck? Does anyplace down here have "sales" like we do in Canada? I know I can look at the Monday market in Chapala too, but I don't think the quality is very good. 

It may be that Walmart is the easiest solution but all advice and recommendations appreciated




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todo bueno was getting tools today.

¼” Nikota drill electric and chuck
With 4 flat / paddle hole cutter bits 400 pesos 

24” metal level, metal chalk line, cement trawl  200 pesos

¼ sockets set boxed, box wrenches, open wrenches, combo open/box wrenches
10 sockets plus handles extensions , 7 open, 2 box, and 6 combos 200 pesos

House hold/ starter tool set
Hammer, 2 saws, 12” wood level/ruler, loose allen wrenches, putty knife, Sliding t square +++  300 pesos

Set of 9 nut driver handled socket set 9/16 to 3/16  150 pesos

Metal locking closeable front tool box 7 drawers plus upper storage Key included 400 pesos

Pliers and snipers 6 total 150 Pesos

Black & Decker 3/8 electric chucked drill Drill has an extra handle for more control. 500 pesos

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1 hour ago, bournemouth said:

Maybe the OP also needs to know it is a thrift store.

Yes, it is, and whatever is placed there is on consignment.  The consignor sets the price, and it is progressively reduced by the personnel there as time goes by without it selling.  They keep a percentage of the sale price.  My husband recently took a number of tools he no longer uses and they sold quickly for decent prices.  We also took in an office chair and two rockers. Their layout is well done.  The store is larger than it looks from the street.

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