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Good chiropractor at Lakeside


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25 minutes ago, judybrick said:

I am looking for a GOOD chiropractor here at Lakeside. Are there any? And I also would like to know if there is a GOOD physical therapist here as well. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I Recommend Dr. Youcha.  West side of Ajijic in the big Gym building, downstairs.  Mountain side.

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Dr Youcha is a chiropractor. Jorge Ulloa, IMHO, is an excellent physical therapist. He is located in Riberas across the side street from Mom's Deli. He has helped my hubby recover from open heart surgery and me rehab a knee after meniscus surgery. He is not the cheapest PT here (you pay for what you receive), but he is extremely talented and professional and recommended by former patients and doctors here.  

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dr youcha is licensed in mexico he great

LUCY from Fisio New Life behind ajjic clinic is gifted  healer, knowledgeable of how to get you well and back functioning, 

her phone 766 4284. You visit at least once to get a sense of the love for her clients and skills


she helped my wife after her hip surgery,  she had a fast recovery.

helped me last year, after a serious illness with dengue fever, help with exercises to get my strength and stamina recover very quickly 


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