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Noise (music) this morning?


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I live in Villa Nova and occasionally, there will be a "marching band" practicing somewhere around here in the middle of the night.  They definitely need the practice.

The very first night I was in MX, in April 2008, there was one practicing at 4am on Guadalupe-Victoria just outside my window.  That's when I knew why they didn't let me bring my gun into MX.



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Willie, the celebrating continues. Cohetes around 11 last night and early this morning and now again after 10. Bells ringing from one of the small churches above me which are only rung on special occasions. Maybe a fiesta for the saint of one of the smaller churches?

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Okay, Willie, saw on Chapala photographer Daniel Padilla’s Facebook page parade photographs and the English translation said:  “Morning procession 26/11/2017. In Honor of Christ King.! 1f607.png?
Congratulations to everyone who participated.
Do not miss the procession today in the afternoon 5:00 pm.
Chapala, Jalisco.”


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