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15 hours ago, dealerdave said:

Thanks everybody for the info, he is no longer alive.  Hopefully he was the only one around.  Sorry about the reminder of your ex CalGal.  :)

Actually, I was just joshing......he's a pretty good guy!


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What should I do if I found a kissing bug?

Never touch a kissing bug with a bare hand. The parasite they may harbor can be transmitted to humans and other animals. If you see a bug you believe is a kissing bug and would like confirmation of the species identity and to submit it for testing, our lab accepts carefully obtained samples. A glove or small plastic bag may be used to catch the bug to avoid direct contact with the bug. The bug may be stored in a sealed plastic bag, in a vial, or other small container. All surfaces with which the bug came into contact should be thoroughly cleaned with a bleach solution.

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