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Renewal of Residente Temporal - Request from INM


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We are renewing our residente temporals and after the first visit submitting our forms we got an email asking for other information which we didn't get when we first applied.

The point that we're not sure about is this one :


2. presentar escrito y constancia en bajo protesta de decir verdad en la cual manifeste la subsistencia de condiciones bajo las cuales fue concedida la condicion de estancia como residente temporal, domicillio particular y temporalidad

Which we think means they need a letter stating why we need to renew and stay in Mexico ??

Has anyone else had this and can shed any further light on it and what we need to do.

Thanks in advance.

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INM is requesting that you take them a standard letter, formally describing your 1.name,  2.passport no,  , 3.What you want (renew my Residente Temporal visa for ___ years,  4.. Residente Temporal isa number (back of card),   finishing with the standard language that everything you're writing is the truth:

Here's a simple request to renew an RT visa letter,  requesting 2 years of renewal.   I'm sure that someone out there has a more polished version,   but if you print it out DOUBLE SPACED in the body of the letter, then your local INM office has room to cross out whatever they don’t like, and then they can add their handwritten changes in between the lines.

* * * * * * * *

YOUR CITY and State 

Asunto: Re  Extender la Estancia por Expedición de Tarjeta de Residente por Renovación

Delegado de   YOUR INM OFFICE   
Enter NAME OF YOUR INM Delegado
Instituto Nacional de Migración Delegación de _____________
Address of your INM office

Distinguido Delegado,

Por medio de la presente, yo, (NAME OF APPLICANT AS SHOWN ON PASSPORT) , con pasaporte numero: (INSERT PASSPORT ID NUMBER), solicito extender la estancia por expedición de Tarjeta de Residente por renovación,  para dos mas años, para mi INM tarjeta de Residente Temporal, Numero:  (INSERT INM CARD ID NUMBER FROM BACK OF CARD).  Adjunto copias de mis comprabantes solicitados para este trámite.

Bajo protesta de decir verdad.




Tel. domicilio (ENTER HOME PHONE)


Happy Holidays

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One more thing (hopefully)


They also asked this as we have moved from Ajijic to Queretaro since getting our visas :

Presentar tramite de notificacion de cambio de domicilio cumpliendo con los requerimientos establecidos conforme al art. 56 de los lineamientos para tramites y procedimientos migratorios publicados en el diario oficial de la federacion el 08 de noviembre de 2012, toda vez, que existe dispariad en lo registrado y las documentales aportados para su renovacion

We were going to fill out the renewal application form again with our address in Queretaro but want to check if there is another document online that we need to fill out instead ?


Thanks again


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