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New Ixltlahuacan-Tequila cuota is open!

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The new Macrolibramiento Guadalajara has just opened from between where it meets the Chapala-Guadalajara Carretera (Highway 23), just north of Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, to the #15d Cuota, a few miles east of Tequila. This is the other half of the new bypass around Guadalajara. The section that takes you from the Carretera north of Ixtlahuacan to Zapotlanejo (where it meets the #80d cuota) has been open for a couple of years now.


The new cuota is wide, smooth, and high speed (110 kph) with the only stops being the two casetas de cobra (toll booths). There is almost no traffic. When we tried it out this afternoon, we didn't see more than a dozen cars going either way. From Ajijic to the interchange with Cuota #15d, just a few miles east of Tequila, it took about 1 hour. We came back by the usual bypass route through Tala-Santa Cruz de las Flores-Jocotopec and it took 1 hour and 45 minutes. So the new route saves 45 minutes and the bother of stops, topes, and traffic.


There are a couple of downsides, however. 


1) The tolls are not cheap. The first booth, which you encounter a few miles in, costs $65 pesos. The second costs $162 pesos. If you were going to get on the #15 cuota to Tequila, it would cost an additional amount.


2) There is only one exit on the whole route. That takes you to the Guadalajara-Colima highway (#80), south of Santa Cruz de las Flores. There is no exit for Highway 70 at Tala. So if you are going anywhere other than Highway 80 or Tequila/Magdalena, you are presently out of luck. I don't know if they plan to add more exits later. There are also no services anywhere along the way, at present, so if you try this route, make sure you have enough gas.

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We drove it Sunday morning in our 94 Miata convertible just for fun, which it was!

pinch me, this is really here ?

never saw another car on our side, just bicyclists . Wow what a dream road for them, and free !

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Came back from Costco Galerias on the new highway. Raphael Sanzio south until it intersects with the Periferico, 5K to Lopez Mateo then south on LM way on past the outlet stores. It is 34K from Lopez Mateo to Hwy 23 and $65mp toll. Beautiful road and only 2 dead dogs!

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Can't help you with what the signage might say, but it looks easy to use that interchange. Almost immediately after 80 intersects with 54D and 15, heading north, you will go through a curve and the new Macrolibramiento overpass will be right there. Go under the Macro overpass and take an immediate right to curve back up onto the Macrolibramiento heading west to Tequila.

Coming back heading east, immediately prior to the Macrolibrameinto intersection with 80, one will go under a small overpass and immediately take the curving exit right, onto 80 south.

One can get a good 'visual' of this by using Google Maps  "street scene and satellite view".

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9 hours ago, tomgates said:

You just have to go north past the highway to the first turnaround, about 2 K. 

You are addressing Mactav, not the original Poster.... right?   Two different intersections being discussed.


P.S.  Mactavish, thanks for the head's up about my email address showing....


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On 11/22/2017 at 10:11 AM, conejorapido said:


Took the new Macrolibramiento today to the Costco in Tijera.  Getting there was great.  However, coming back, we could not for the life of us figure out how to get back on the Macrolibramiento going east to connect with the Chapala highway/23.  Is there a "Zapotlanejo" exit as you're headed south on 80/Lopez Mateos from Guadalajara, or do you have to pull a U-turn?  The signage really leaves a lot to be desired, but what else is new?  Ended up taking the "Jiquilpan" exit back to Jocotopec, and it took twice as long.  Oh well.

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18 hours ago, daisy2013 said:

You will see a sign for the macrolibramiento. Then you will see the entrance for Tepic. Then Zapotlanejo take this one and in 20 minutes you take the exit and you are on the highway going  to Chapala

Thank you, daisy2013!  Just a little more clarification please.  Is this correct:  After the big sign to the Macrolibramiento, take the Tepic exit.  Shortly after that will be a sign to Zapotlanejo, which is the entrance to get back on the macrolibramiento going to Chapala.  Again, many thanks.

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