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Re. Lakeside Meidical Group


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Would be interested to know any comments about the Lakeside Medical Group.

I happened to walk past their office recently and enquired about their services re. medical coverage.

Seeing no harm in giving them my current Health Insurance Policy. info. they subsequently

sent me their 'package' via email,  saying I am eligible for their service upon registration.

In their info. brochure it states that I would not be responsible for my deductible on my

policy- this I find hard to believe, in view of my deductible amount.

Would like to know if anyone has a good experience with this Group, especially from

an Emergency standpoint.



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I used them when I hurt my shoulder in a fall. They were great the physio therapist got me totally pain free and gave me followup exercises to remain so.

I am not insured here in Mexico so paid out of pocket it was 300 pesos a visit and he spend one hour minimum each time.

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