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New animal poisining Alert

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Friday morning there was a dead German shepherd mix in front of our house next to the sidewalk. Lower eastern Ajijic on Juan Manuel, about a block north of the lake and south of 16 de septiembre. I called ecología to report it; they came, but someone (I believe a neighbor's gardener) had already taken and buried him. They told my husband that there have been multiple dead animals recently. Several weeks ago, there were two dead dogs (smaller size) placed on a vacant lot just to the south of our home. We buried them.

This is horrible....

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1 hour ago, Yo1 said:

I'm sure Ecologia would like to send the animal to the forensic lab to do a necropsy to determine why the dogs died.  Please call them first thing and don't bury the dog.

I did call them first thing. I then had to leave my house due to commitments and could not stay to watch over the dog. It took them between 90 minutes and two hours to come; I had asked them to call my cell when they knew what they were going to do about it. They then did call me when they were close to the location I had given them. They said they couldn’t find the dog; it was gone. I asked them to check the nearby vacant lot to see if someone had put it there. They did and found nothing. 

I’m sorry I couldn’t stay home to watch over the dog to be sure no one took him. I had no control over the neighbor’s gardener taking the dog to bury him. If you’d like to volunteer to come stand vigil next time until Ecología arrives, that would be great. 

We were unaware of the dogs who were dumped on a vacant lot next to us several weeks ago until the odor became such that we started searching for where it was coming from. Construction workers nearby found one small dog and buried him. Two mornings later, the air was worsening. Upon additional searching, they found a second larger dog which most likely had been there longer and they then buried it. 

When multiple poisonings occurred a year or so ago, my husband and I found raw chicken on the street several times near our home and removed the threatening substance. We have not seen anything similar recently. 

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