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Wow! That's a lot of fiberglass. Are you asking about the fabric, chopped matt or the resin either polyester or epoxy? A cubic foot of resin is 7.48 gallons and you would need 15 gallons costing about  $500 if it is polyester. If it is epoxy it will be 2 or 4X the cost. Of course you can not pour resin that thick without it catching on fire. If you are talking about the fiberglass mat or cloth figure it is 1/16" thick so a cubic foot of glass will be 192 sq ft @ $1.60 for total of $307 usd. 

The prices I quoted would be excellent US prices but expect higher prices here. 

A couple of Guadalajara places here

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Actually, fiberglass insulation may be quite difficult to find.  I looked at the Lopez Mateo Home Depot website and could not find it.  It may be there, but you would have to go and ask for it. There is almost no NoB type construction in the area, and that is the application for that type of insulation.  You might consider solid foam, or spray foam, depending upon your application. Otherwise, maybe someone would squash a bit into a box and bring it down for you from NoB.

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