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legal video streaming mimicking the USA experience

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I'm just beginning to realize the vast amount of video entertainment available via streaming.  However:

- Is there a clean, legal, long-term way for me here in Mexico to obtain the experience of a streamer in the United States?



I've seen both VPN and "Smart DNS proxy" mentioned, and I suspect that VPN worked better in the past than now.  Also, I've seen this web-site comment:

- If you’re looking for a long-term fix to watch American Netflix outside USA, you might end up disappointed.

(And that's just Netflix.)


By the way, my whole house is on a larger LAN built off off a LAN from Telmex.  "clean" above would apply the desired solution -- VPN, "Smart DNS Proxy", or whatever -- to the entire network.  (As opposed to merely going through the Mac laptop at which I'm typing.) "clean" would be very nice, but it isn't a must.

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The streaming services generally do not have the rights to streaming outside the US, much as Shaw cannot legally sell to anyone outside Canada. So illegal? Probably not but outside their terms of service. Suggest you consult Sr. Google for "best vpn to stream xxxxxxx" and be guided by the results you see.

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