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My point was that ,as Mainecoons states, we are living in a functioning anarchy especially when it comes to traffic.  And I'm perfectly OK with that!  I see fewer accidents here than NOB. But for police and other officials to make claims that whatever they decide to do is in the name of safety, well, that is just b.s. and we all know it.  If it wasn't, then some of the common infractions I mentioned would be strictly enforced.  They aren't.  I also frequently break traffic laws, expect others to break traffic laws, and am not only willing to pay the consequences for that, but I still love living here.  I lived here 45 years ago and I've lived and traveled here since then.  The traffic "laws" that are being broken today are the same ones I saw being broken back in 1972.  I got used to it then and I'm used to it now.  Don't expect it to get better or safer with the new cops... just get really good at driving defensively.




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