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No new infinitum service available?

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I have two phone lines, I.e. two separate numbers....after all my problems lately, with my Telmex WiFi signal and routers etc, I decided to add infinitum to my other telephone line, and keep the existing WiFi where it is.  I called Telmex, and was told there is no new service in our area (Ajijic), because “they” are carrying out work.  I asked when service would be forthcoming and was told no one knows.   Does anyone have any additional insight into obtaining internet service?  

Also...  Not interested in the investment being talked about with high speed fiber optics.  Later, I thought, ok, I’ll contract Telecable instead.  Talked to them last Tuesday afternoon....  and still have not received a call from an installer...  what a disaster this all is.  


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At least you didn't give Telecable (IZZY) any money.

They brought new cable through here (upper Villa Nova) over a year ago.  I paid 150P for installation, haven't seen them since.

My friends wanted me to go get my 150P back but I consider it a small price to pay to see their service level...........


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