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Does anyone have any opinion which of the two new Telmex Huawei modems is better: the HG658d or the dual band HG659?

I presently have one of the Arcadyan dual bands and it can't send a signal more than 15 feet of open space on either band. I do not receive VDSL signals yet.


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TelMex only provides the 658d; as far as I can tell, the 659 is not branded TelMex, but Huawei. Unless TelMex has recently started with the different model. One thing that TelMex does is have the manufacturer install TelMex's firmware, so it complies with their own special needs. I would assume that the other model number uses Huawei's basic firmware.

The newest Arkadyan router, of which there are very few lakeside, is exactly the same in terms of specs as the 658d, and is manufactured by Huawei. Here is an old thread:

Problem with the Arcadyan is its top speed is capped by TelMex, who never were able to figure out how to make it work with their VDSL system for optimum speeds. But the WiFi range is 10% stronger than the previous Technicolor modems, and 10% less effective than the newer Huaweis. What you say suggesst there is a physical problem with the modem's WiFi radio.

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41 minutes ago, ComputerGuy said:

Be careful with the transmit distance setting. It is not a strict correlation.

Yes, and IMO the worst thing that can happen is for a non-computer type to start mucking around inside the modem infrastructure. YMMV


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The default transit setting is high and there is no channel interference. There are very few changes you can make to this modem.

Another reason I was looking at these modems is that I cannot get the Arcadayan modem to work with my Asus for some reason. I never had that problem with the old Huawei I had.

I saw YouTube videos of these new modems and their firmware seems to offer more control than I have ever seen in any other Telmex modem.

I really think the Arcadyan is a really bad piece of equipment and would not recommend it to anyone even though it was, I think, the first dual band Telmex offered..

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I have been following any and all comments on telmex internet speeds, problems, etc.  I live in Chapala centro, right next to the American Legion.  My internet often, three times or more per day, goes down for a few minutes or more at a time.   I have to reset and then hope that it comes back up.  I have noted several conversations on this board stating that the Arcadyan dual band would not get more than 10mb download.  As you can see from the pics below I get more than 30 mb down and good upload speed.  Now to my question....

is my router having problems since it goes down so many times per day or is it just Telmex, other people in my area do not seem to have so many outages.  If I do go for a new router will I trade reliability for speed?

any responses will be appreciated.



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Those results look about like what I got in Chapala at the  "Clinica Maskaras"  where I got about 25 mb/sec down by over 10 mb/sec up. I couldn't believe the results. I tested same on several occasion on my iPhone and on my laptop. And each time got a speed close to what I posted.

The ratio between the download and upload speed is so much better than what I get in Ajijic were at the moment I am normally getting about


Look at my ration of download to upload its about 20 to 1 while the Chapala some folks have ratios closer to 2 or 3 to 1

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