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We have submitted the initial paperwork to the IMN for the permanente.  That was done Oct 23 and on that day when we returned home there was an email with the pieza number, password ,e tc .  When I went to the link to follow the status it showed that on Oct 23, that we had

Fecha Estatus trámite Ubicación
23/10/2017 El trámite ha sido registrado Delegación Local Rivera de Chapala
23/10/2017 Ha sido asignado el tipo de trámite Delegación Local Rivera de Chapala
23/10/2017 Un pago ha sido registrado Delegación Local Rivera de Chapala

.   Now on Nov 3, the status page is showing 

Registre los datos para la expedición de su documento migratorioDelegación Local Rivera de Chapala

Para la expedición de su Forma Migratoria, registre o actualice sus datos aquí.   So I have gone in and entered the data on the form requesting info such as height , weight, etc.

My question is,  do we get an email telling us now to come in for fingerprints and if so , how much longer after receiving this last status update does that happen.  

Hope you are able to enlighten us.



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