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Yahoo news page problem


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After I sign out of Yahoo mail,   my compu goes automatically to Yahoo.mex for the "news" page.  That's as it has always been. 

But suddenly (about a week) if I go to (bookmarked) U S Yahoo news, the page comes up as it should but I can only read a few of the stories I click on. In the majority,  instead of opening that "box", my compu bounces back to yahoo news.mx.

Is there a setting or something I can use to fix this?  (VERY- non-tech person here.... :unsure:)

Appreciate any comments!  Gracias


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I think I might have solved it myself! Signed out of my mail, and then closed the yahoo.com.mx page completely. Then opened a new tab and went to US Yahoo, and VOILA! -- was able to read the stories.

OR..... just got lucky and really the issue is still with me..... sigh.

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