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High Speed Fiber Optic Internet at Lakeside - New Option!


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15 minutes ago, ned small said:

It seems like a poor corporate decision to stop at Ajijic when Chapala,the town, has way more population and commercial businesses and of course government buildings and departments.

Well, to begin with, they are coming from the west as their starting point is Jocotepec and Ajijic is the closest point where they are likely to find enough subscriber interest to justify the expansion. 

Secondly, this effort is being led by people from Ajijic.  Perhaps you could organize a group to line up the necessary subscriptions to extend further east.  Spencer might be a good starting point, I'll bet his business could make good use of real high speed internet.  You are right there should be a market for this in Chapala.  

I'm one of the lucky ones when it comes to TelMex.  It is fast and reliable enough to support my limited use of the computer and the streaming services I use, mainly NetFlix and Amazon.  And TelMex is cheap.  I long ago gave up on TeleCable and the even more inept Izzycable.

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14 hours ago, utilitus said:

Here is a link to a mixed descriptive and technical treatment of GPON which illustrates performance characteristics and how this topology is light on signal control electronics and thus relatively cheap;  it's been around a while (I looked into it very casually maybe 15 years ago).  See: https://huaweiswitch.wordpress.com/2015/05/   


Interesting use of the word TOPOLOGY.  I had no idea it could be applied to networks.

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1 hour ago, Sea said:

The document from Ilox says Joco - San Antonio.

"If you live between Jocotepec and San Antonio Tlayacapan, including Chula Vista Norte, and are interested in obtaining high speed fiber optic..."

Per https://huaweiswitch.wordpress.com/2015/05/  , the maximum 'span' of a single GPON tree is 20km/12mi.  That far east of Joco might be the theoretical end of the line.  Thus GPON shares the same kind of limitations as xDSL (range) and Cables' shared bandwidth (congestion).  ilox could probably lay multiple parallel lines supporting separate trees, but at this point I'm out on a technological limb...  

Note that the ilox documentation refers to the possibility of setting up low-cost wireless point-to-point transmitter/receiver pairs to serve areas within around 3km of any cooperative wired subscriber node.  I looked into these radios about a year ago, and they seem to work well, in the states anyway.  Seem to run around USD$300, the pair, and many are, with luck, PnP.  The gentleman who has operated LagunaNet may consider adapting to this new environment, if it evolves. 

Reviewing the population density from Joco east with an eye on demographics, it becomes clear that special efforts might be made to inform denizens of Las Fuentes and especially the 'Racket' Club about the sign-up opportunity, along with the hotels and resorts along the way.  The large but not pole-wired Senderos del Lago might not be eligible.

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There is a Facebook Group, Working from Home Lakeside, that would love to hear about this. I am sure you would get many people to sign up.

Also, we are not planning to move down there for a year, but don't know where we will be living. Is there a way to sign up now to show my interest in this?


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I have discussed this company previously with Tom Kessler and others. My interest was in getting fiber into Chula Vista Norte where I serve on the Board. In the end I asked for a series of questions, that would affect service, to be answered. As of now, I do not have those answers. I doubt that getting 300 homes in the Libramiento are (Chula Vista Norte for example) and down into San Antonio would be a problem. Quite simply getting answers would go a long way to getting the subscribers they want/need. I have previously been a technical partner in an ISP and worked as a technical consultant for a large US telecom (XO Communications, since purchased by Verizon).

Here are the questions that I feel need answers:

Does iLOX have any peering arrangements with large Internet providers?
If yes, what bandwidth is the peering interconnect?
Who are their upstream providers?
Where do they connect to these providers.
What is the connection bandwidth?
What hardware is used (Infinera, Ciena, Juniper, Cisco, etc.) for these connections?
What redundancy is provided for these connections (upstream and/or peering)?
Does iLOX have customers that we could speak to directly (individuals and companies)?


As an aside there are methods to extend GPON, among them DWDM equipment.

Note: At one point or another all Internet services are shared. Interconnect bandwidth and transport in general are critical for service.


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It's wonderful that someone like mtatl is interested in this opportunity.  ilox's notes suggest that they might stage 'town meetings', which is fine, but the operation of this technology is of a different order altogether, and almost deterministic if managed properly, and supremely quantifiable.  Assuming there is someone qualified to frame the key questions and evaluate the system components and service hierarchy, just as mtatl seems to be, iloxs' chief engineer should be able to rattle off the answers in a few minutes. But get it in writing.  If translation is required, sober up the local bilingual EE.  As demonstrated by XO and other companies, telecom firms are refracting photons off a razors' edge, and I guess it's a tough business, but ilox can only benefit from an informed public that precludes it's own disappointment and frustration through skillful means.


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I'm travelling at the moment and will try to answer some of these questions best I can.  Am working on better answers 

-  Ilox willingness to deploy from Joco is roughly based on the need to have 15 subscribers/km to trigger the capital expense buildout . Their investment is much higher than that, but thats what they feel they need ensure they don't get stuck with an underutilized investment.   Purchasing power in many parts of Mexico is not as high as it is here and they have to be careful.   If they can get the signups they'll keep going beyond Ajijic towards Chapala. 

-Mtatl questions are good ones and we're working on their precise answers.   In the Internet carrier world there are two kinds of service, dedicated and shared.  Ilox provides  high quality dedicated service to enterprise grade customers, with world class redundant grade standards.  Within Mexico they provide carrier transit service to other carriers.  Mtatls questions thus are focused on not what they can provide, but what will they provide for the consumer shared service customers.  Those are good questions for the town hall meetings.   In Zamora their GPON network is getting good reviews. 

I don't see any connection between getting more answers and signing up now to express your interest in getting high speed service, which carries no obligation and will only help us show there really is a business case for Ilox or other providers to be out here.    So far we're at about 110  signups, only a third of what is needed.    

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1 hour ago, AngusMactavish said:

I have no doubt that a fiberoptic system would be a boon to telecommuters and make Ajijic their Mecca. Even if it was available in Chapala, I would pass because my needs are met with Telmex's 389 program. Best of luck to all that need it.

That was just plain mean and peevish Mactavish. They really didn't need salt rubbed in their wounds. There are many many people who have terrible internet service and the fault lies with Telmex.

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