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Table Tennis Anyone?


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First I would like to state how much I appreciate the forums as this one introduced me to the idea of playing table tennis here in the area.  I have found the group to be very accommodating and friendly.  They have had the patience to teach and encourage this newbie as I learn and practice the skills of the game.  Table tennis as an exercise increases your cardio, eye/hand coordination and challenges you mentally to focus and concentrate.  I was concerned about the time I was spending sitting in my recliner and sitting while I painted.  I do garden and walk the dog, but neither makes me sweat.

This is exercise while I'm having fun and I highly recommend it for everyone of all ages.  We play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 2:30 to 4:30 in an upstairs room at the Chula Vista Country Club.  I arrive at 2:00 to practice and warm up so I will be there to welcome you and introduce you to the players when they arrive.  Bring a small towel, bottle of water and wear good tennis shoes.  Please come,


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We have two new players starting so don't be shy.  There are two tables so the better players can play on one and beginners can learn and practice on the other.  In no time your skills will improve and your play with others will surprisingly increase your progress.  We have paddles that can be borrowed for first time use, but soon you'll be wanting your own and our "main man", Tony, will gladly offer advice and tips for obtaining the best equipment.  Everyone will help and encourage you, the exercise is good for body and mind so get out of that recliner and come on down.












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