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Another tall propane cylinder question

econ man

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47 minutes ago, econ man said:

I know I can flag down the gas truck if I hear it come down the street. But if I want to call for delivery, does anyone know the correct terminology to specify the cylinders rather than the big tanker? Do I just ask for "cilindros" or " cilindros azules" ?

Cilindros.  The companies have 10 and 20 kilo cilindros.  The 10s are what you'd use for a gas grill, or for a portable gas heater like the DeLonghi.  The 20s are tall and skinnier.

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47 minutes ago, mudgirl said:

So you're advising that those who live in Mexico and want to know how to say something correctly in Spanish shouldn't bother?

I had the same thought.  That's why I actually answered the question, a couple of posts up.  

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In an effort to try to keep this helpful....:lol:

For those with a large stationary tank, in our area it's most commonly called a: tanque estacionario.

For those with the tall skinny cilinder ones that get swapped out: cilindro.

Both easy/direct translations! And below is a good translation website where you can even hear how individual words are pronounced:



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1 hour ago, mudgirl said:

Not snippy. Just astounds me that people who choose to make their home in a foreign country don't think it of any importance to attempt to learn the language.

The US is full of them from SOB.

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