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If taking to bus from Chapala to Guadalajara intending to go to Costco is there a stop to get off before you get to the old bus station or do you get a cab from the bus station? Which  of the two Cosctos is preferred?


We arrive November 1st and if someone is driving to Costco and would like some company let me know.

This post is on behalf of my Sister Shirley who is the one who actually gets there on the 1st. We will not get there before the 7th at the earliest. Bummer.



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Unless you enjoy bus rides to Costco, you might prefer having your shopping done by a couple who have set up a delivery service that has a online selection of nearly everything Costco carries.  You don't even need a Costco card.  They take your order on Monday, deliver it to your door on Wednesday and collect payment at that time.  Yes, there's a fee charged for this, but it's reasonable.  Interested?

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