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Round satellite dish

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I am sure glad I didn't give mine away. I began loosing signal strength on my Shaw Direct 75E which is elliptical and 26 by 36 inches.

And it worked great until about 6 months ago when the signal began to get weaker and weaker and I began loosing signals on a few of Shaw Channels. I had Satellite Systems up to better tune in my old Star Choice dish. They couldn't.

Luckily I saved my old circular 1.2 meter dish that I once used with DISH USA.   They hooked up a couple of flashlight LNBs on the 1.2 meter dish, and were able point the Sat dish and LNBs at Anik F-1R and Anik F-2

I now have as strong a signal down here that I do up north using the smaller 60 E elliptical dish. There should be many abandoned smaller circular dishes, as many folks gave up trying to get DISH USA down here and simply left the satellite dishes mounted wherever.

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I was told that the LNB for the 60E dish is good for the 60E dish but that the LNBs for the 75 LNB are slightly different and that if you wanted a strong signal from both satellite F1-R located at 107.3 degrees and Anik F-2 located at 111.1 degrees west that you would have better results from the 75E LNB than the 60E LNB.


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MJ, you probably just need to have your dish aligned. The 75E quad LNB is the correct LNB and will receive both high def and standard def channels.

FYI; I have a 60E LNB installed on my 26"x 36" dish on a temporary basis as my 75E LNB failed. Works pretty good on most channels. Should have a new 75E quad LNB installed in a few days.

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