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LCS Bus Trips

November Health Days

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Friday, November 17, 2017

9:30 a.m.



Shots (pay the day administered – prices subject to change) -        Patio area  9:30-1:00


            *Note:  MUST SIGN UP for ALL shots LCS office


            *Note: Flu & Pneumonia may be taken together

                         Shingles, Typhoid, & Hepatitis series cannot be taken with any other shot


                        Flu                                                                                  500 pesos

                        Pneumonia for Life (Prevnar 13)                                1,600 pesos

                        Pneumonia - 5 year                                                      650 pesos

                        Zostavax (Shingles vaccine)                                      2,300 pesos

                                    *Sign-up required

                        Hepatitis A & B series (Twinrix)                                  1,200 pesos each shot

                        Typhoid (Typhim)                                                          700 pesos


             CPR Class by Red Cross:12:00 – 2:00                               200 pesos

                        *Sign-up and pay in office – limit of 30 participants 

             Blood Pressure Check:        9:30 – 1:00                              free


            Diabetes Screening:             9:30 – 1:00                              free

*Note: eat a high carbohydrate meal 2 hours before testing, i.e. pancakes, oatmeal,                granola, fruit, honey, etc.                                 


Hearing Services:                 9:30 – 1:30                              free hearing screenings for those interested

*Sign-up sheet in office                                              in purchasing hearing aids

                                                                                    20% discount on hearing aid orders that day

                                                                                    NO hearing aid repairs


How to Die in Mexico: A Primer for Foreigners               free

                        By Cynthia Guzman, Funeraria San Francisco                    

10:30-11:30                             South campus Board Room



            Suspect a Stroke or Heart Attack?                                     Free

                        By Dr. Gabriel Varela, Neurosurgeon

                                                            2:00                                         Sala



All Health Day services are open to the public: No membership required.

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