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On 12/25/2017 at 3:30 PM, annabell1952 said:

Do they do a lot of different cat structures and scratching post.  Would like to see pictures of some of their work and prices

Annabell, If you go line Google "cat scratchers" you will see many. Print some you like and they will match it and a LOT less expensive. One I can remember was a condominium type for something like $ 400usd to $500usd and it was completed for under $4,000 PESOS then, maybe $6,000 pesos now with where the peso is ,but many, many are by far are less expensive all the way down to a simple post. Depends who is dominant in the household. LOL 

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The thrift store is open now thru the holidays maybe closed on Jan. 1.  I asked them where Have Hammer will travel was and said next store.  They thought closed until 2nd.  I am hoping they have pictures of some of their work.  Ones I have seen in thrift shops are quite tiny.  Fine for my kittens but want it so they will have it when they get bigger.

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