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Rocky from La Perico Missing!!!

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Hi did have a tag with his name on the front and my cell phone number on the back.  He followed someone who was taking a back road into Chapala but he never made it back.  We are putting up a lot of posters in this area and we are offering a 5000 pesos reward to whoever finds him.  He is a large white dog, Akita mix with perhaps Labrador.  - not really sure as he showed up fully grown but I have had him for about 8 years now. This is a very special dog...    

Please call me if you have an info,   333 142 0012.  thanks, Tom

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Rocky is back home!   Somehow he went all the way to the Vista del Lago golf course, way on the other side of Chapala, about 19 kms from the hotel!  Rocky came up to this wonderful  couple on the golf course and was following them around, apparently he was all dirty and limping too. They took him home and then took him to the vet and also to get groomed and posted him on Facebook, and right away people started contacting me.  We went out there this evening and sure enough it was him!  And I just happened to know this couple as well!

Rocky lost some weight but overall he is doing well and it's great to have him home!
thanks everyone,  Tom
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SUCH GREAT information!  Have been hoping that Rocky would either find his way home or someone would save him and bring him back to you.


Love and hugs,

Val :)

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