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Benno's open again


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I was in the neighborhood along the libramiento and saw that Benno's is still open. I dropped by and was happily shocked that the new owner/ techie I talked to spoke American English without an accent.  His Mexican Spanish was excellent as well. I only stayed for a few minutes but noted several happy clients there. They also had a limited amount of computer parts, to include, keyboards, mice, cables, memory cards,  and printers for sale as well.

I am glad they are still with us

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Do you know where the Pemex is as you start up the  Libramiento after Walmart? If you drive through the paving surrounding the Pemex, you will pass by a car wash place and into a small shopping center. You will see the sign :BENNO or something related to computers there on the right side of the road and you can park and walk right in. This is a very small shopping center so ask most anyone there, and they can tell you where it is if you do not see it.

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