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Emergency Preparedness SCAM

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I Just got a call from a Mike ? (Regular American/Canadian accent) who said he lived in San Juan Cosala (mispronounced).  He said he and a group had put together a document addressing how to be prepared for a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake.
He asked if I would like a copy  which could be delivered, or mailed, or sent by email.
I am a little concerned that this may be a scam of some sort
Any thoughts?
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The bottom line is that someone you don't know is offering something you don't need and wants contact information or will send something to open on your computer. Trying to establish a personal connection with you.

Why would you say yes? If you want any info on preparedness, google for it. The world is your oyster.

Protect yourself by being suspicious.

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This is scary stuff.

At present im locked in my bunker to avoid this kind of thing.

Not a hurricane or a nuke from north korea but the descion wether to put tp into the system or which bagels i should buy, if they were even available , worries me.

Maybe these people tried to call me and possibly advise on the dilemas but here in deepest ajijic so far nothing. A solar flare or maybe first strike are blocking these calls but until all is resolved in san juan cosola i remain cautious and will not eat bagels , so no need to go to the bathroom and use paper , so eliminating the possibility of causing over flowing sewers or other natural disasters in paradise.

Be safe.over and out. Ten four good buddy.

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