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A new phrase i heard for the first time, when i was shopping at Diane Pearls SHOP.

I overheard the words AJIJIC PUEBLO ARTISTICO

I think its a great idea, I work with Have Hammers carpentry school, the kids now have become artists and carving and painting and monarch butterfly's and humming birds on wood  carvings amazing young artists.

yes I truly believe Ajijic is a Pueblo Artistico.


ANY OTHER EXAMPLES OF GREAT ART WORK done locally , please post pictures or links.

thank you





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You can check out the 2017 Open Studios catalog for the names of some excellent local artists. Diane Pearl was a participant and would have a copy.  You can also contact Danielle Page, who is head of the Childrens Art Program at LCS and is also the Chairman of the 2018 Open Studios Committee.  I can give you her email if you PM me.



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Ajijic actually used to be known for its rich and varied art scene, and still is among locals.  Several notable artists grew up here and started out with the Niell James art class program 60 years ago.  You can see many great outside public murals in Ajijic, mostly done by Jesus Lopez Vega (he did the one outside LCS and inside the Ajijic Cultural Center), his brother Antonio who did some of the colorful sculptures in the Plaza,  and Efren Gonzalez, Xavier Zaragoza among others.  

There used to be at least one good art reception here every week during the "high" season, and several notable foreign artists were also part of this scene, which died down somewhat around 5 years ago when many of them left this area.  There are still art receptions at the Cultural Center, but they are often not advertised in the English media.  However, notices are always painted IFO the Cultural Center, so if you love good art, make a point of frequently visiting there.  1/2 block up from LCS on Marcos Castellanos is the small gallery/workshop of Pat Apt, a prolific foreign artist who has been here for years, stop in and see her work.  There are various galleries along Calle Colon, 16th de Septiembre, and Constitucion/Ocampo.  Jesus Lopez Vega's gallery is at the corner of Ocampo and Rio Zula, check it out!  Also Cathy Chalvinac on 16th de Sept. plus many more!

I sense an huge uptick in foreign visitors from the US coming here, so maybe the art scene will get back in gear.  If you are buying a new home here, please know that there are many highly talented and prolific artists who can add to your decor as well as aesthetic enjoyment of your life.  Most of the local artists are on FB, try those names above, and know that there are many more more.  Attached is a poster from Antonio Lopez Vega who is having a reception this Saturday, check it out!


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Pueblo ARTISTICO was always Ajijic's claim to fame and attracted people if this ilk for decades ..... until recently..... it seems more and more people are coming to this area for reasons that does not include involvement and love of that genre. Ajijic is going through a transformation to accommodate a new generation of immigrants. The Art is sort of tolerated...something else to do on a boring day. Although, locals still value and are proud of its past and contributions of Niell James who brought up the love of the art to this community and thanks to that (as posted above) Ajijic has very respected artists nationwide.

 I think that Mexicans in general have a great appreciation of arts.  It has always been dominating and respected trend  in the country.

Gringal mentions present activities for kids (thank you)  and hopefully they will bring out a talented new generation of Mexican artists. "Have Hammers carpentry" is another arm of the trade that contributes in development of young Mexican kids to be artists and  big thanks to people who are involved in positive influence on these young Mexican kids. .. Hopefully Ajijic future can be still considered as" Pueblo artistico"  rather than a "Pueblo of many barking dogs".

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Jesus Lopez Vega is one of the artists who participates in Open Studios in February,  and is one of the 170 artist members of Ajijic Society of the Arts.  Their shows are always announced in the Guadalajara Reporter "happenings" section with a large ad as well. Many of the artists have their own websites and those are listed in the Open Studios catalog so that people can see a variety of their work. For those who use Facebook,  you'll find many of them there, too.

Several member artists also show on a permanent basis at Studio 18, on Colon. 

The art scene is expanding and newcomers as well as old-timers will enjoy seeing it happen.



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