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IF taking it NOB, keep in mind that that trailer is ‘attached’ to someone’s TIP. That’s not as real a problem for the buyer as seller but if I was taking someone’s trailer to the border, I’d park it ‘out on the road’ before I took my vehicle to get the TIP cancelled.  The buyer’s vehicle has no trailer attached and it could cause some anxious moments if one pulled up in line with someone else’s trailer in tow.


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Thanks,  I totally understand.  My car is Mexican plated so will not be turning in a TIP.  Years ago I sold my Texas plated trailer to someone going north and asked him to show the bill of sale when he was turning in his TIP.  A few years later I checked at the border and it was no longer attached to my car. It would be good if I could find a Mexican plated trailer.  Thanks All.

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