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Driiving directions and motels on the way

monkey grease

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5 hours ago, TelsZ4 said:

You are better off crossing at Colombia than Laredo.  How many hours do you want to drive...?   You can easily make Laredo to Ajijic in one day.. I usually do it in 11 hours.. 

If you use a GPS. It will show you just about every hotel/motel between Laredo and Ajijic.. 

ii would like to find the list that was used years ago, so i can make reservations. my plans would be to drive no more than 8 hrs perday.

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2 minutes ago, monkey grease said:

I assuming the answer would be that a motel you enter your room from the out side and a hotel you enter from the inside, trick question?.

No telling (pun), ask your wife as you gave the wrongest of answers.

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On 10/15/2017 at 10:32 PM, Joyfull said:

The half way point is Matahuala. Las Palmas is where the majority of us stay when driving from Nuevo Laredo to Lake Chapala.

Thanks yes that answers some of my question, if some of you old timers remember there was a listing of all routes, restaurants and motels on this list it even gave which way to turn and things to look out for, wish someone would have kept it.

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The list that gave the routes and turns years ago would omit several of the newer bypasses.  The new liberimento around San Luis Potosi and the new macrolibiermento between Chapala and the airport for example.  In addition to Las Palmas in Matehuala, there is a new Hotel San Pedro Express at the San Pedro Parador.  We also use the City Express Norte in Monterrey.  Your choice of hotel will be impacted by whether or not you are traveling with pets.  That is a big reason for Las Palmas.

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Every state will have the 3 types..... nice , decent, nasty

I traveled to the automotive factory state and would just remember the one that looked the best and i would turn around and stay at those... if it did not have an electric garage i would put 2 screw drivers in both sides to keep anyonr from opening garage


I stayed in one that had 1 unit for 3,500 for 8 hours

I asked to see it...  2 60 inch flat screens

1 10 foot bar with striper poles

1 lap pool on the back patio

1 bed 20 feet by 20 feet.... 

2 leather sofas 30 feet in lenght

1 bad ### sound system




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