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Hmmm.  Having been born before there was Social Security, and before one ever heard of “health insurance“, we just paid the doctor or the hospital. Nobody complained. It was reasonable and fair & nobody got turned away, or askde to pay before entering and being treated.  When we got jobs, the company had a medical department and looked after us.  In the military, all was provided. In between, or later, we just went on with our lives and never gave a thought to insurance beyond that required for a car or a mortgaged home.  Life was good.

Now, 15 years into Medicare experiences, I am flabbergasted when I see a $750 charge to insurance as a result of my $15 visit to an Urgent Care Clinic for a sore throat and a prescription for antibiotics.  It took two clerks, half a ream of paper, lots of computer entries, checking of cards and ID, double-chcking, and a Nurse Practitioner to draw blood & prescribe, while a lab-tech ran the samples, etc.   I knew I had a sore throat and ear & needed doxycycline.  Wish I had been in Mexico !!!!!

No wonder Canadians & others try to fly over the USA without landing.  Let‘s give up and adopt a single payer system, as in France, or most other places. It could not be worse than the present system, designed to create empires, not to help patients, or prevent one from becoming a patient.  We are addicted & now are suffering the DTs, which is making matters even worse.

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