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Because getting my aunt into a nursing home in the Chapala area appears to be more complicated than I thought, I wonder if it would make sense to get a larger apartment so that we could live together. Our combined Social Securities are US$3000 per month. Assuming we could find a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apt or Casita for about $800  a month, that would leave us with quite a bit to pay a caregiver after we account for our basic expenses - I hope!

my aunt is 92 and has mild dementia but is in really good physical shape. She uses a cane and has partial blindness in one eye but other than that she is healthy, easy-going, cooperative and actually quite a bit of fun. She has all her ADL's intact.

I have been her caregiver for a year and a half and know that I will need to get out of the house a lot in order to do a good job and maintain my sanity. How much could I expect to pay a Caregiver per hour? What would be a decent amount – I'd rather pay more than the paltry minimum-wage but have to keep in mind my own limited resources.

Just in case this doesn't work out, it would be great to find out from actual people what they think of the assisted-living/nursing homes in the area. We are seriously considering Mi Casita in San Antonio. Any opinions about it?










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