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Using credit cards in Ajijic/Lakeside

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2 minutes ago, El Bizco said:

I know that. And I doubt the provision about cash discounts is any different here. Why would they suspend that? Do you know with certainty that is not the case?

Obvious when you visit Costco's website under the Forms Of Payment tab:  https://www3.costco.com.mx/wps/portal/publico/!ut/p/a1/pZFNC4JAEIZ_SwevzkikazchKO1DIRZ1L6FiKvjFatnPb5Vu5Ra0l2GX55nh3QEGAbA6uhdZ1BdNHZXjnekXw9XsnUnQcY8HgtaWnh2bbDTirQQQCgBnjoUyH0_6y5cAP82fAfam8ZePHn7zfWDSiGOHCZB9kazDmMEBlpVNPO0jtOp4STJgPL2mPOXqjYvnvO_btYIKDsOgJk3XJ40olVo9FPwk5QKB4A2GtqKUBlh4lU86a7F4AqqhtVw!/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

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Costco Mexico's Rights Of Membership (Google Translate) in part:

"Choose the form of payment of the goods and / or services purchased in the Club between the different modalities existing in the market and those offered by the Club, as well as take advantage of and receive the benefits offered when paying in cash or with the credit card with the name of the Club itself."

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