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Towels for Operation Feed families for Christmas!

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Here's how to donate to help Operation Feed give 2 towels to each family for Christmas. Many of our families don't have towels and just use old clothes or rags. Help us make this a special Christmas; 200 pesos will buy 2 towels for a family. Thank you for your support!!!

To donated electronically click here: http://operationfeed.weebly.com/donate.html
Be sure to write the name “Towel Countdown” when you make your donation.

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4 hours ago, lindaru said:

Gary, there is no drop off location.  We make arrangements to get your donation from you or you can donate electronically. I can make arrangements for drop offs at aexico, though.

Fantastic! We have been wanting to go to Viva Mexico for dinner. We are planning going this Saturday afternoon. Can they collect them then? Is there a color that works best? Is it better to donate pesos or towels? Thanks!

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You've donated money for 27 of the 200 towels Operation Feed needs for the villagers for Christmas. We still have a way to go but know we can make it!
To donated electronically click here: http://operationfeed.weebly.com/donate.html
Be sure to write the name “Towel Countdown” when you make your donation.
You can also donate by giving your donation to Carol Curtis, Linda Hines and Cheryl Kennedy. If you need a pickup call Linda Hines at 331-839-4074 or email Rudiselj@yahoo.com

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