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Living on a second floor is getting tiresome having to run up and down the stairs to answer the doorbell when we have no idea who is there. Between kids being a pain and begging for money, it’s becoming a bit much not to mention security issues. Has @nyone found a security camera and monitor with voice activation without having to spend hundreds?

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Re nuisance doorbell, as a suggestion, I have a simple intercom system to pick up the receiver to ask who is there. Generally if they ring twice, it is someone I know or expected delivery etc. At a certain hour of day I know it is kids and don't bother. You could put up a notice, "no solicitación" or similar notice to eliminate the majority of rings.

The system is available with a view screen as well if you want to spend more to see your caller.

Ilumina y Decora beside Sunrise Restaurant in San Antonio carries the system and will probably install for you.

Believe I bought mine from a security service some years ago and paid about $100..Dollars more or less for the minimalist version.

Anyone you know would have your telephone contact to call you if they are standing at the door.

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I have noticed that many houses in central Ajijic have the doorbells raised too high for kids to reach them. Life here is all about NOT being the easiest target.

I always thought it would be cool to have a doorbell that triggers a recording of large dogs barking while the homeowner yells, "Down Fang" but I'd have to check for the Spanish translation of that.

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