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We are having another solar Satellite TV Outage


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Each spring and each fall we have satellite TV solar outages. This occurs over about a 30 day period and at it's maximum the daily outage might last 10 to 20 minutes

With Shaw Direct the outage occurs around 2PM. ,Why, do you ask?  Well each day the sun moves from East to West. During winter the orbit is  much lower than the satellite locations, and in the summer, the sun moves from East to West at a much higher elevation than the satellites your satellite dishes are pointed at. But in the fall as the sun each day is a little lower, it finally gets directly behind those satellites in space our satellite dishes are pointed at.

On the first day the outage is very short. On about the 15th day when the sun is directly behind the satellite the outage could last maybe 15 to 25 minutes. And then each day the signal gets weaker and finally the sun no longer becomes close enough to block the signal.

Again this happens in the spring and fall

Oh and because with Shaw Direct, there are two satellites which are located in slightly different locations, usually the outage on half of your channels come maybe 10 minutes earlier than the other half of the channels



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