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End of Chapala weather (sad)


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I also think the thing could be simplified somewhat.  All that historical data is nice but not strictly necessary.  For example, I'd get rid of the web cam.  Some of the importing of data could be replaced with links to the origin sites.

Retaining the basic data is the important part.  It would be hard I suspect for anyone to take it to the level Steve did, that was a real work of art and technology.

I'd be happy to help out as well.  I'm an engineer and a hobby meteorologist.  

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They say a camel is a horse designed by a committee. From just these few comments you can begin to see what is involved. The current weather site is a composite of 10 years of comments and suggestions (and creative license). The Canucks wanted metric, the Americans could care less, some want detail, some could care less. Take for example a basic jpg created by VWS. It has most everything you need, little history, no webcam (which requires no work at all) and many folks would be happy with this. But, over the years people have requested things that made sense to incorporate. As for historic data, years ago one fellows awning over his mirador was burned by a falling globas, he was trying to prove to the insurance company what happened, with data showing prevailing winds etc. he was able to do that. Dr. Stong has used some of the data when creating the "fish farm" E of Chapala. Recently one fellow wanted to see the "wet bulb" temp, so a page was created for that. Of course the solar guys like the radiation page, so you see the range of possibility is wide and there are dozens and dozens of readings available in VWS we never used. It's a diverse community and serving it isn't really a simple single solution. Actually this station uploads to Wunderground as do several others in the local area, you can get a lot of data from this alone, is it enough? - I chose to expand the options.


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