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Join us on celebrity constellation cruise Apr 07 to May 07 2018 Singapore to Rome

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We cruised two years ago with 12 people from Ajijic

New Jersey to Barcelona was great. 10  WENT ALL THE WAY TO SHANGHAI 55 DAYS


Just off cruise from Vancouver to Yokohama with 5 other people from Ajijic was great also

We are booked on a cruise from Singapore April 7 to May 7 Rome, celebrity cruises ship constellation. 30 days. We are staying 7 days in Singapore before we board.

The price is right, Its a re-positioning cruise Its fun to cruises with others from AJIJIC and DINE together.

call your agent for pricing.

Wayne and Maureen


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yes its two legs,  15 days each.

first April 7 2018  best if India and sri Lanka

second April 22  Arabian sea and Suez canal

Rome to Barcelona

third leg may 7 2018  Italy and Spain 

yes you can stay on FROM ROME Barcelona for 10 more days

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The region in north east Spain which last week voted for independence and possibly will probably declare so next week.Madrid the capital of Spain are not impressed and this could turn into a tanks on the streets of Barcelona which is the capital of catalunya.

Spain is part of southern Europe which is the big lump of land on the right hand side from USA.past the big blue gap which is called the Atlantic ocean.A place called northern Europe exists as well.

Rumors abound that people from there stupidly thought there might have been a civilized  and educated country over on the other side of the big blue wet thing!

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yes time is long to Singapore from here but if you can get Los Angeles or San Francisco and stay overnight 

United has a great flight out thats 17 hours for less than 500

we are flying out on united 10 35 PM ARRIVE  mar 29 SINGAPORE 6.45 am  hopefully sleep part of that.


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Do not worry people barcelonaman about the fact that this situation could turn  into another civil war -- after all nothing to do with Mexico or the US..

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Not worrying anyone. Only bring this to the attention of people who are travelling there and seemingly are unaware of the international situation as reported by mainstream international media outlets and possibly even some american.

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more info

celebrity cruises has a cancellation policy were you get 100% for your deposit back if you cancel before 90 days before the cruise departs.

so you can lock in the price, and call in if it drops for  lower price, 

this way yo locked your cabin choice and then see if you can find airfare and hotels to meet your needs.

celebrity created a web site for getting good prices on airfare and guarantees if you use their CHOICEAIR

if the plane is delayed they will get you on the ship.


see above link to search fares.

Many times I find it easier and lower price to fly to US by volaris or interjet then pick up a flight in los Angeles.

i have found difficult using choiceair or other service to get a direct flight from Europe to Guadalajara at a fare price.  Thus using a stopover point in USA


CHOICEAIR had a great flight for me back from japan, to Guadalajara.  it appears united airlines opened up a new route from japan to Houston.

it was $794.

see link above to choiceair to search airfares





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