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3 hours ago, Tiny said:

I had to look that one up. I said to myself, "What and heck is that?" hahaha

Yea! Know what you mean. Back in the 40s early 50s there was a radio program hosted by BOB and RAY where they signed off by saying " Until next time, KEEP HANGING BY YOUR  THUMBS " Anyone young enough to remember these two witty comedians??  

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I bought one of those things because I have herniated disks causing pain. The theory was plausible, but the pain of increased blood pressure stopped me cold. Yes, I tried just a little at a time, but there was a wall of tolerability I could not get past. Luckily I bought a used one and I sold it for what I paid.

I suggest that if one wishes to buy one that they make sure they can handle it.

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I had the same problem Angus, and slept on a level bed, with a pulley system at the base of the bed with weights attached thereto. One end of a cord was hooked to the weights and the other when through an elevated pully to a back brace that I slept in. It actually helped. It was 30 years ago so I do not remember what I did not to be slowly over the night pulled toward the end of the bed. All I know is that I wasn't and it worked. Oh and I was sleeping on my back

I remember the weights were not that heavy and that I would sometimes have to move forward to correct for movement toward the foot of the bed when I was asleep

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