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We are in need of a new gardener as we are moving and our gardener does not have transportation.  We are going to be in upper Chula Vista and the gardener will most certainly need transportation.  We would also prefer that he have his own equipment.  We are not looking for the type that comes in a whirlwind, mows, blows, weed eats and runs.  There are lots of plants and flowers that will need pruning and feeding and special attention.  Please, if anyone has a recommendation we would very much appreciate it.  Our present gardener is going to continue working at our old house with the new owner.

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I have a gardener I can recommend for you his name is Francisco, has his own transportation and I believe equipment, speaks quite a b it of english as well.  Very honest and trustworthy.  Hard worker and he also takes care of pools. I have known him and his whole family for 19 years! 

Mendoza   Garden Maintenance, 331 1737 5292.  You can tell him the mother of Sean referred him.

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Ernesto Barron has an excellent gardening service in Jocotepec, Ajijic, Chapala area. On time, communicative, perfect English, reasonable rates, comes as needed to our garden. Hard-working, honest and does excellent work. Has own truck and tools. 331-267-9364.

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