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Road work starting in Ajijic?

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I wonder what is happening on the carretera in downtown Ajijic across from Ajijic Hospital? Barriers up to prevent parking on the south side and a lot of people standing around. 

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3 minutes ago, artsnob said:

They are going to tear down the building where the Italian restaurant used to be...It is going to be apartment building with bank at base---

Now there's a kudo for the urban planning guy!!  As if the traffic isn't bad enough--put in a high density apartment building in the middle of an already busy area.

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From Facebook:  

Image may contain: tree and outdoor
Image may contain: 8 people, people standing and outdoor
Gobierno Municipal de Chapala 2015-2018 added 6 new photos.

El día de hoy el Presidente Municipal Javier Degollado anunció el arranque de la obra de mejoramiento de imagen urbana en la Delegación de Ajijic, y que como resultado de la consulta ciudadana a la que fue sometida, se aprobó con una amplia mayoría. 
Vecinos y beneficiarios se dieron cita en el lugar donde iniciará la renovación de redes hidrosanitarias, construcción de banquetas incluyentes, machuelos, instalación de señalética, boyas metálicas, contenedores de basura, concreto estampado y rehabilitación de fachadas cuya inversión asciende a 4 millones 137 mil 931.04 pesos del Fondo Complementario para el Desarrollo Regional (FONDEREG). Los trabajos se realizará en su mayoría por la noche, con un horario aproximado de 21:00 a 6:00 horas para evitar molestias a los vecinos y no afectar el tránsito de la zona.

Today, the municipal President Javier Degollado announced the start of the urban image improvement work in the delegation delegation, and that as a result of the citizen consultation to which he was subjected, it was approved with a large majority.
Neighbours and beneficiaries were set up at the site where they will start the renovation of networks, building inclusive stools, machuelos, installation of signage, metal buoys, trash cans, concrete printing and rehabilitation of facades whose investment amounts to 4 MILLION 137 A thousand pesos of the supplementary fund for regional development (Fondereg). The work will be carried out mostly at night, with an approximate schedule of 21:00 to 6:00 hours to avoid any inconvenience to the neighbours and not to affect the transit of the area.

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You're no fun Colibri. I preferred the laugh-filled, eye-watering speculation for which this forum is famous! :lol:

EDIT/ADDITION: I live one block above Farmacia Guadalajara in central Ajijic. It's 10:30pm. I just stepped outside and I hear heavy equipment and demolition going on from below. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!!!

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19 hours ago, artsnob said:

They are going to tear down the building where the Italian restaurant used to be...It is going to be apartment building with bank at base---

The former Italian eatery at Galeana and the carretera???  That building has a For Rent sign on it that just went up about a week ago.  

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7 minutes ago, Justathought said:

Please read previous posts... and look at the pictures as well. 

My question was not addressed to you.  Never the less. previous posts say nothing about demo of the Trattoria building or erection of a new building housing a bank and apartments.  Is there a source for this info?

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