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Post for local friends here. 

So. I have not picked up a hitchhiker within the past 40 years...for good reason, as an old woman alone, right?

 Driving back home from Chapala today, I picked up a hitchhiker, who was with his seven year old son. 

What a story! This man has recently relocated to Mexico from Florida, where he worked for many years as a house painter. 

He has two children, a seven year old son and a five year old daughter. Three months ago, their mother died of stomach cancer. 

Now this man is struggling to raise these children alone. He.needs.work to support his family. He has several references attesting to his house painting skills, both from Florida and locally. 

If you have any plans for painting in the foreseeable future, could you please consider this man? His name is Andreas Nunez. He can be reached at 331 742 8392. I have his permission to post.

I have provided some temporary help...but this gentle man simply hopes to WORK.

No "nay-sayer" comments...please.


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I know this gentle proud man, Andreas Nuñez. He came to my door with photos of his children, telling me his wife could not breathe during the night, that he had managed to get an ambulance and sadly wept. Although a house painter, he offered to do any kind of work. At the time, he was living on Emiliano Zapata, Chapala. I had looked for him at that address and often wondered about him. Sad and true story, appears he's been dealing with a lot of grief and now must fend for the children.

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