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I always thought that there were different types of scorpions throughout the world and that some types were more dangerous than others. But an expert on the subject, I am not. I still remember that James Bond movie where scorpions were used for murder.  (That is not the type of scorpion we have lakeside)

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9 hours ago, cedros said:

I was stung once, the scorpion was in a damp towel. It was no big deal. No medication required.

I've been stung about 4 times now. The first time was no big deal, the second was worse, the 3rd was really bad. I know that can happen with wasps and bees, too- the more often you get stung, the worse the reaction each time. The third time it took 4 months to get the feeling back in my thumb. I never went to the hospital for any of them, but my throat burned really badly for a couple of days after that 3rd sting.

The fourth one was different. It was the only time I put ice on it immediately, as well as a plant poutice. The pain went away in about an hour and had no more bad reaction.

For those of you saying that the experts say the little clear ones don't pack a bigger whallop-  the experts can say what they will, but for everyone I know who has been living in Mexico for a long time, including my own experience,  that's just not true.

It's like if you look up whether bouganvilla is toxic, supposedly it isn't, but anyone who has ever stepped on a bouganvilla thorn knows different- even if you clean the wound thoroughly right away, and you can see that the thorn came out whole, with no bits left inside your foot, it throbs for days and hurts badly for weeks. 

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