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Telmex speed throttling

econ man

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I searched the threads on this subject and they didn't exactly address my situation.

When we signed up for  the 10 meg Telmex service we were told that in this neighborhood we would only get 5 megs and we agreed to that.

My 2 neighbors (here 1-2 years before us) originally got 8 and still get 8, so obviously Telmex is controlling my speed. My question is: Is there anything I can do about it, either speak to someone at Telmex  (not likely), or  do something to the modem, either physically or through the IP address?


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They are not controlling your speed. They do not "throttle" (btw, that term is not correct for the question you are asking). The simple truth is, they are not too swift. Call them and tell them. If your neighbour is getting better speed, you can get better speed.

Even the lowest price plan can get 10 Mbps when available, so it is also not about price. But call Mexico City (01-800-123-2222, ask for English), because the local office is doltish.

There is nothing you can do to the modem other than a factory reset (pinhole in back).

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ComputerGuy is in upper Riberas.

I am in lower Riberas... maybe a mile away.



I have friends in the El Chante area who can't even get their telephone to work and that's after running a brand new line from the "box". Profeco is their next step and they will also be helping out the petition of many locals in San Juan Cosala. There is no logic as to what your speed is and, if it's important to you, may sure you check it out before you rent or buy.

I just remain very grateful that I have this kind of connection speed at all. 599 peso plan.


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