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Los Telares restaurant on Colon in Ajijic


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I took my husband on a date last night to Los Telares on Colon and we had a fabulous time! The Crooners duo was way beyond terrific and such a nice change of pace musically from the 60s rock most restaurants provide us to listen to over a meal. We could actually have a conversation and do a bit of flirting along with a dance or two. Come on out on a Friday night, they start a tad early at 6ish but we surmise they end at 8 and go into Guad for that dinner crowd since those city slickers begin their meals at 9. As for the food at Los Telares we had appetizers only - panela & chorizo, roasted garlic heads, guacamole and the roasted half bone marrow.  It was all wonderful - nicely presented, well portioned and just great tastes.   I will definitely have the bone marrow again and again and again.  I will  take my own bottle of red wine and pay the corkage because unfortunately the house and only red wine is just yechy - but the marrow is worth the cost of the corkage. Everything else was excellent but the marrow is memorable. Our pre-food cocktails were spot on - not heavy, not light, just right.


I choose to see the Crooners at Los Telares because it just such a pretty place with the tables and umbrellas out on the patio and the tables are always set so crisply and a lot of attention to detail.    http://www.thecrooners.com.mx/  The duo also plays Thursday at La Bodega for me even at 6 still in daylight the ambiance and other qualities I look for in an evening out aren't there for me.  For those whow anted to know why I don't like it there I just don't it just isn't how I want to spend my evening or my food pesos.




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I concur about the agreeable qualities about Los Telares, AND about the disagreeable house wine. What the heck? how hard is it to offer a decent wine by the glass? Lots of other restaurants Lakeside have figured it out! In my opinion they would be much busier with locals if they did that one thing. 

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