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Group of us went yesterday and hubby and I returned again today.

Not much of a menu or ambiance but the food is good and large portions.

Yesterday people had fish and shrimp tacos, and diablo Shrimp and garlic shrimp all looked and tasted good.

I had a fish taco breaded and it was heaping with salsa mexicana and coleslaw that was very nice oh and a slice of avocado. 15p the shrimp ones are 70p.

The shrimp and fish dishes were $120p.

Then ask for the 2 for 1 $80p margaritas, OMG they were strong, and good. I am at a toss between these fish tacos and Lake Taco and we love Lake Taco.

Location is on the mountain side of Riberas, between the bamboo furniture place and the iron steel yard.

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Wife and I ate there today...Very good taco's..2 are a meal and the Marg's are very good. Shrimp taco's are 17 peso's, fish 15 peso's..Small new place prior to Maskaras as you head West toward Ajijic mountain side..They also had grilled fish on the grill. All served with large assortment of salsas on the table. Well worth the trip.

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Not to mention, most local places use Bimbo buns, which are almost all air and begin to disintegrate as soon as they are touched... .

Hate Bimbo buns, but you're right: they are everywhere.  The best "fries" I've found so far are at the Plaza Jardin on a good day, or the baked ones at Arileo's, either regular or sweet potato.  Some say Trip's Burger has good ones.

My theory is that fries are so not good for your body that I ask that straight veggies be served instead, except as noted above.

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