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Paying workers while away

Sleepy Joe

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4 hours ago, Crazydog said:

Open a Mexican bank account and do online bank transfers to their bank. 


50 minutes ago, REC said:

We just pay in advance for the time we will be away. Been doing it for 12 years with no problems.

In my experience, many Mexicans do not have bank accounts.

And, although REC obviously has had good experiences with his method, I have seen way too often what happens when people pay in advance- the employees do nothing for the duration of the employer's absence, then rush around getting things done a couple days before the owner gets back.

Lakeside's advice was the best- find a friend who will pay them and return the favor or take them out for dinner for their time and trouble.

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I pay people in advance if they have no account or I deposit in their account if they have a account. More and more Mexican have bank accounts,. I have done this for 17 eats and never had a problem. I go several months at a time...

I really do not care if they take it easy while I am gone as long as everything is fine when I get back. Also there are several people coming and going from the house so if one does not show up , one of them will tell me..

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For some things it really doesn't matter if they slack off while you are away- whether your house is kept dust and cobweb free for 2 months is immaterial as long as it is nice and clean on your return.

Gardening is a different story. If they simply let the bouganvillas get totally overgrown for your whole absence, for instance, and then hack them all back 2 days before you get back, they are going to look terrible. Or let the grass get so long it throws off seeds into all your flower beds.

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If I'm going away for a substantial period, I like to hire a property manager (I like Roma) and that way, if a catastrophe occurs, I have money on deposit with them to get it fixed by someone they trust, and the maid and gardener have someone to report to, if things go wrong. The maid and gardener have seemed to be fine with this arrangement--it takes a bit of responsibility off their shoulders. BTW we also use a pet sitter who is a neighbor, and who takes our 2 dogs  for a twice-daily walk.

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