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Swimming pools in the U.S. are rarely fully tiled as is common here.  Usually a very durable and very white plaster is used to finish the rest of the pool below the tile used at the water line. 

We are reaching the point with our pool approaching 20 years old where it will need a full rehab.  The tile in it has been a continued maintenance issue.  Also it is very hard to avoid discoloration of the grout. 

The Tapatio neighbors pool appears to have been plastered as described although it is so poorly maintained it is impossible to figure out what it was plastered with and whether it would do well if chemicals and cleaning were properly applied.  It also looks like someone may have tried to paint it at some point.

Do any of you know a proven pool contractor who has done plastered pools?  I'd like some expert opinions on this alternative.  Here is a picture of one.

Image result for plastered pool picture


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MC - I know that the pool that our Canadian friends Colin and Susan MacDonald built last year (further west of you on 16 de septiembre) does not have tile in the bottom, only around the top edges so far down. I know that contractor Abraham Dorado did the work. His email is abrahamdorado at hotmail.com. He speaks English and is a good contractor. He is the MacDonalds' go to guy and he also has done work for neighbors John and Kathleen.

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I renovated my old pool last year and stripped all of the old 1" x 1" tiles out as they were falling off.  Redid it with a specially formulated sealer/cement and then a top coat of blue tinted plaster.




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Am wondering if anyone with plaster, gunite, or other solid type pool lining, not tile, can share up to date experience and how long your pool has had such coating. Any new recommendations for suitable contractors? TIA.

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My first home in Ajijic the pool was painted Blue looked pretty for one season than the bleaching from chlorine made it a mess I had it tiled and it looked great I am on my third home with pool and the tile work has been easy to maintain. I have not had problems with maintenance.  This pool has a pure water system so no chlorine which solves a lot of the problems with grout discoloring.

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