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Governors gone wild: MX’s corrupt leaders

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Google Translation:

"Today, through the modification of our legal framework that allows us to make partial deliveries of reports
Individual, the anti-corruption reform is crystallized in the area of the superior audit, while we
Provision, with greater opportunity, reliable information regarding the performance of the Mexican governmental apparatus.
This element is part of the framework that makes ASF's work the central pillar of the anti-corruption strategy
Which has been undertaken. In effect, by providing the supervisory institution with new powers that extend and
Deepen their action and impact, the Chamber of Deputies will have references that will assist in the work
Legislative and will help to give a greater technical basis to the discussions on the establishment of the budget
Although the total number of audits scheduled for Public Account 2016 is 1,836; In this first installment,
We are presenting to this sovereignty a total of 502, that is, 27 percent.
It should be noted that, according to current regulations, a significant portion of individual audits will be
The last business day of October, and that the remainder will be completed no later than February 20, 2018; this last
Delivery shall be accompanied by an Executive General Report, the content of which is determined by Law.

It is illustrative to give a quantitative analysis of the work carried out in the first six months:
I will allow myself to give you the numeralia of this delivery.
Message from the CPC. Juan M. Portal
Senior Auditor of the Federation
June 30, 2017, Mexico City
Of the 502 audits performed, 430 refer to financial compliance reviews and 72 to performance audits. It should be noted that the first group includes 154 reviews covering the verification of the achievement of goals and objectives, so they are classified as financial audits with a performance approach."


This is a 10 to 12 year old Federal Auditors Department [ASF] getting all the latest embezzlers through audits of Federal Money handed over to the various states as part of tax revenue sharing. The money all has certified deposits for various payments due in each state and are deposited after the certificate is approved by the federal controlers office [Secretaria de Contraloria General de la Federación -  (SECOGEF) ] and as of now it is easy to follow the paper trail where these individual deposits end up.

These Governors in the article and their accomplices are fools to think impunity  exists these days. You are obviously going to see more news of this sort at all levels of civil services and I feel it is, starting for several years now, reporting the iceburg and not the tip of the iceburg as it was 10 years ago and before. IMO

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I posted this over in Mexico general along with another reference that seems to confirm it.  It applies to the entire country which is why I put it there.  However, we don't have to go far to find our own examples so maybe it does belong here.

Really too bad, sad for Mexico.

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